Rustic Quilt on Sofa
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Rustic Quilt by Initial K Studio

Southwest Modern Quilt BookToday I want to start introducing my 12 quilt projects for the 12 months of 2020.

Actually, I only need to introduce 9 outstanding quilt projects for 2020. I count Sara’s baby quilt as my August project. The two jelly roll quilts can be considered maybe as my October and November projects.

I am not sure if I will manage to write about all my 2020 quilt projects in 2020. But I have so many nice photos that I want to share with the world and I will give it a try. So, let’s start from the beginning of 2020. Let’s start with my January 2020 quilt project. 🙂

An Amazing Quilter’s Husband’s Christmas Presents

In my blog posts on my big sewing plans for 2020, I already mentioned my lovely husband and his very thoughtful Christmas presents. He gave me two books on modern quilts for Christmas 2019 and these would lead my quilt projects for 2020. One is ‘Simple Geometric Quilt Patterns’ by Laura Preston from Vacilando Quilting Co. and the other one is ‘Southwestern Modern’ by Kristi Schroeder from Initial K Studio

But these presents had some strings attached to them. He had already chosen one quilt from each book that he wanted me to make for himself. Being the good quilting wife I am, I cheerfully agreed to this little arrangement of ours and started browsing online fabric shops to order the exact same fabrics.

Because I know my husband very well. I know that he is a bit picky when it comes to colors and designs. He likes the classic and simple things more and his deciding on these two quilts meant that he wanted to have exactly these two quilts. 

Preparing for Rustic Quilt

Starting off with my January Quilt Project

So, here we go! I started with my January 2020 quilt project: the Rustic Quilt by Kristi Schroeder a.k.a. Initial K Studio.

I decided to start with her book because I was super excited about getting her book. Having followed her Instagram for already some time (which he hadn’t known), it was just such a nice coincidence to have him choose one of her designs.

And the quilt design was pretty simple. Only a bunch of Half Square Triangles and squares in bright color combinations. Not so much to options to do anything wrong here!

Well, apparently there is always room for little mistakes along the way. The first happened when making the Half Square Triangles as I used all the squares up for making them. So, in the end, I did not have enough squares when I wanted to put the quilt top together.

And there was also not enough red fabric left to cut them from! 🙁

But what a good excuse to order more fabric for other quilt projects along the way. Because ordering only a yard of red fabric was a bit out of the question. And I have used the additional Half Square Triangles I had made later on for a quilted cushion matching the quilt. So they were put to good use. 😉

Rustic quilt topThe second mistake occurred when putting the quilt top together. But I think this is most probably a mistake that only I can see. OK, you guys know about it now, but I trust that we can keep this little secret between ourselves… 😉

If you look very closely at this photo of the finished quilt top you can see that two of the red-orange Half Square Triangles have been sewn with their left sides together instead of the right sides. I guess this happened because I was mainly working in the evening on the quilt and couldn’t tell the right and left sides apart from each other with the artificial light. It is a bit of a pity, but also a good lesson to make sure not to mix these up. 

Finishing the Rustic Quilt by Initial K Studio

Nevertheless, I love the finished quilt. And not only me. So does my husband and so do our three cat boys! They were very eager to join the little quilt photoshoot that we did when the quilt was done.

Rustic Quilt on Sofa

As you can see I quilted it as in the book with just straight lines. Very simple, very classic and the outcome is stunning. Especially in the bright Doha summer sun the colors just pop. The colors chosen by Kristi Schroeder just go great together. I used the same and similar color combinations for a few cushion projects afterward working with the leftover fabrics. But more on this cushion quilt project at a later time. 😉

Rustic Quilt complete

What do you think about my January quilt project? Do you like the simple geometric shapes or do you prefer more elaborate patchwork patterns?

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