Maya in Wakra

About Me

Hi, that’s me!

My name is Maya and I describe myself as a creative explorer.

I like to learn new creative skills and explore how to apply them to other things. I love everything you can do with fabrics: patchwork, quilting, sewing clothes, refurbishing furniture, block print. You name it! And I love surface pattern design and creating repeating patterns, digitally or manually. I am a big fan of Islamic geometry and traditional pattern making techniques. Watercolor paintings, sketching, linocut, crochet, knitting… the list is endless and there is always something new to try out or to dive into.

This is what my blog is all about! It is about creativity and creative projects I am currently doing or I did in the past. I write how creative side projects helped me to find joy in life and how creativity balances my work and private life.

I post weekly every Friday, but you can also follow me on my social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. Or sign up for my monthly newsletter below!

Thanks for reading my blog!